Daphne Hampson’s Homepage

  • Professor Emerita of Divinity, The University of St Andrews
  • Associate, The Department of Theology & Religion, Oxford University
  • Life Member, Clare Hall Cambridge University


  • B.A. First Class (1966) (The University of Keele). Joint honours degree in History and Political Institutions.
  • D.Phil. (1974) (Oxford University: Faculty of Modern History), thesis on ‘The British Response to the German Church Struggle, 1933-39’.
  • Th.M. (1976) (Harvard University: Department of Theology, Harvard Divinity School).
  • Th.D. (1983) (Harvard University: Department of Theology, Harvard Divinity School), thesis on ‘The Self’s Relation to God: A Study in Faith and Love’.
  • M.A. in Continental Philosophy with distinction (1994) (The University of Warwick: Department of Philosophy).
Daphne Hampson



Selected Articles

  • ‘On Power and Gender’, Modern Theology, 4, no. 3 (April 1988), reprinted in eds. E. Stuart and A. Thatcher Christian Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender (Leominster: Gracewing/ Fowler Wright and Wm. Eerdmans: Grand Rapids, MI, 1996).
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For Schools

  • ‘Why Christian Claims Cannot be Upheld’, RS Review, 14.2, Jan. 2018, 26-29.
  • ‘Why Christianity is Inevitably Sexist’, RS Review, 14.3, April 2018, 2-5.
  • ‘Is God a Woman? Religious Language and the Concept of God’, Dialogue, 54, April 2020.